The Sound Edge Music Festival Brings a Nine Day Immersive Experience to Birmingham!

Engage Your Senses!

When we first heard Carlos Izcaray speak at the Birmingham Creative Roundtable event inside the Thomas Jefferson Tower we knew that The Alabama Symphony Orchestra had a great season in store for 2017! Izcaray spoke about his love for Birmingham and how he plans to use music to engage the community. He is wasting no time drawing from last season's "Classical Edge Series" and adding a Birmingham twist!
Sound Edge Cover Photo from Alys Stephens Center

The Sound Edge Music Festival is a 9 day event that will take place at some of Birmingham's best venues! It will merge various musical genres with multimedia effects to create unforgettably vivid performances!

Sound Edge photo courtesy of Alys Stephens Center

A Community Effort

Before it even begins, this festival has already succeeded in assembling a passionate group of people that are helping to make it a success! This group of musicians, artists, and venue owners all share a common goal. They're working to bring Birmingham together to share in a unique experience. The venues include, Alys Stephens Center, Iron City, Seasick Records, Saturn, Birmingham Museum of Art, Workplay, Syndicate Lounge, Communicating Vessels, Club Duquette, Woodlawn Cycle Café, and Step Pepper Records! Also playing a big roll is Birmingham Mountain Radio!

Performance at Alys Stephens Center

For more information on this incredible event head over to our friends at Weld:Birmingham's Newspaper for details!

We can't wait to see you there!