We All Scream for Big Spoon Ice Cream!

Big Spoon Creamery Ice Cream Cone and Sandwich
Ryan O’Hara is no stranger to the Birmingham restaurant scene. He has worked at many of the best known restaurants in town and met his wife, Geri-Martha, when they worked together at Bottega! (We’re suckers for Birmingham love stories!) It turns out that they both loved ice cream and decided to create their own ice cream company so they could share this passion with the Birmingham community. Out of this desire, Big Spoon Creamery was born!
Art on the Rocks Big Spoon Creamery Ice Cream Sandwich
Amber and I remember one of the first times we bought one of the now legendary Ice Cream Sammies from Ryan. He was standing behind an old school ice cream tricycle at Art on the Rocks. We immediately fell in love with the artisan ice cream pressed between freshly baked cookies!
Happenin's in the 'Ham eating Big Spoon Creamery
Big Spoon Creamery Hero Donuts Team Up!
We were super excited when we saw that they upgraded to a food truck! Every time we saw the truck they always had a new flavor or creation for us to try. They even teamed up with Hero Donuts to make a Hero Sammie and also partnered with We Have Donuts to make a Donut Sundae! YUM!!! We love the fact that Ryan is always looking to work with other local businesses to help make his Big Spoon creations.
Big Spoon Creamery We Have Donuts Donut Sundae
Big Spoon Creamery Hero Donut Strawberry Sandwich

After having huge success, and an outpouring of community support for their frosty treats, Big Spoon Creamery has now opened their own storefront at MakeBHM in Avondale! We were lucky enough to be invited to their soft opening to check out the new location and sample some creative new menu items! The grand opening is Saturday April, 22, but here are a few more photos and descriptions to prime your palate:
Big Spoon Creamery at MakeBHM Exterior
We could hardly contain our excitement as we pulled up to the new storefront!
Inside of Big Spoon Creamery
Ryan and the staff were in full swing for the soft opening!
Big Spoon Creamery Valrhona Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Cone
The "Valrhona Dark Chocolate" (66% Dark) in a Chocolate Cone!
Big Spoon Creamery Banana Split
The Banana Split also has fresh pineapple on top and is prepped like a crème brûlée.
The BIG SPOON Sundae from Big Spoon Creamery
Go all-in with the "Big Spoon" Sundae! You should probably share this one.
Ice Cream Flight at Big Spoon Creamery
Can't decide? They offer an Ice Cream FLIGHT!!!
Big Spoon Creamery Kitchen
The kitchen is packed with fresh and local ingredients!
Big Spoon Creamery Chef's Table
Grab a seat at the Chef's Table!
Big Spoon Creamery Code
People are their top priority. It's literally on the wall.
Pints of Big Spoon Creamery Ice Cream
You can get Ice Cream to go! "Buy" the pint!
Big Spoon Creamery Menu
Here's a look at the current menu.
Big Spoon Creamery Tricycle
They still have the original trike. Never forget your roots!
People Enjoying Big Spoon Creamery Ice Cream Outsite
It was the perfect weather for enjoying an ice cream filled evening at MakeBHM!

From selling ice cream on a tricycle to an Avondale storefront, Ryan & Geri-Martha, along with their staff, have come a long way thanks to support from the Birmingham community! Be sure to welcome them to their new location this Saturday and Sunday as they open the door to the public!

New location at 4000 3rd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35222

Congratulations, y'all!!!

  • Russell & Amber H.