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>***We believe the key to Birmingham’s continued growth is directly tied to the success of the small businesses in our community that have placed their faith in our city’s ability to thrive. -Happenin’s in the ‘Ham***
Growing your Social Media footprint is a key component to having a successful business in today’s market. Having worked for a local publication, I learned a lot about the pain points for owners and marketing managers. As a Marketing Director for a small business, I was also on the other side of countless digital marketing presentations from some big names in the marketing industry.
Did you know the average digital marketing package can cost anywhere from $7k-$12k per month?! While this may be a drop in the bucket for larger companies, we realize that it is out of reach for most small business owners. So what is a small business owner to do?
When Amber and I started Happenin’s in the ‘Ham we were on a shoestring budget, so we took advantage of all the FREE social media available to us. Over the following year we learned the tips and tricks to growing an ORGANIC following across multiple social media platforms and to boost engagement from our followers.
Now we help other businesses by teaching them to leverage available outlets, grow an organic social media footprint, and increase their following. We like to call Birmingham “the biggest small city in America” which means getting referrals and recognition is critical to your success!
Using our methods will enable you to reach your target demographic and increase engagement with existing and potential customers! Contact us at to find out how we can help your business build the marketing momentum needed to reach your goals.
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**Broadcast your event!** Have an event coming up? Are you hosting a Grand Opening? We do Social Media Takeovers!
Get the word out and have live posts from the event to encourage your followers to join the fun! We have provided exclusive Social Media coverage for some of the following events/organizations:
![Happenins in the Ham and Social Media](
We can either run your social media accounts for the event and/or provide exclusive coverage to our over 23,000 followers on our accounts! We can also promote your business in the week leading up to the event. This not only keeps you from missing out on a great opportunity to engage your clients, but also allows us to help you build up your following in the days leading up to the event!
Whatever the occasion you can literally put the excitement in the palm of followers’ hands!
For more information, contact us at
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**Everyone has a story to tell!** The hands-down best part of what we do is meeting business owners that are passionate about their business and are just as passionate about the people their business helps!
Each of their stories ties back to a past event or experience that sparked the spirit of entrepreneurship within.
Whether it’s brightening someone’s day with homemade candy, or helping people save time and a bit of sanity with a delivery service, our followers want to get to know the person behind the brand. We have had great success sharing the inspirations behind Birmingham businesses.
Let us help you share your story, talk about a problem that you help to solve, and tell our followers why you believe in Birmingham!
With over 23,000 followers across multiple platforms we can make sure your story is heard.
For more information on how we can help your story reach our followers email us at
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**You are your brand!** At best, a social media fopaux can cause some embarrassment, at worse it can cost you customers, revenue, or even your job!
The internet is forever and it never forgets. Too often we see a “nightmare scenario” where a misguided post or a tweet fired off while someone is fired up causes major headaches for a company. People take for granted social media etiquette when it is such an integral part of running a business or building a brand.
Let us come and go over some crucial do’s and don’ts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. More and more professions rely on social media to conduct business and connect with clients. Social Media is the initial storefront for many professions from Realtors and Car Salesmen to local restaurants and even those who run a shop on Etsy. The customer experience now begins online long before they walk through the doors of your business.
For more information, or to schedule a time, email us at
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