Case Rock Cabin Deck

*We couldn't agree more!*

##A Stay at Case Rock Cabin is Just What We Needed!
![Unplug Rest Reboot](
*Unplug. Rest. Reboot.*
“Unplug. Rest. Reboot.” That’s what the sign inside of the 400sq/ft. **[Case Rock Cabin](** recommends that you do. We could already feel the outside world melting away as we pulled up to this off the grid cabin located on 85 sprawling acres of forest. Just getting to this remote hideaway is not for the faint of heart, and once you arrive you can almost sense that you’re miles away from the closest person. As Rachel put it, “This is the AirBnB you want in case of a Zombie Apocalypse.” ![Rachel and Glenn Evans](
*Rachel & Glenn Evans (photo:@caserockcabin)*

###A Labor of Love
**[Case Rock Cabin](** was built by Glenn and Rachel Evans on the back side of the 85 acres that they own, but before they could build the cabin they had to build the “road” that gets you there. Over time they connected old coal mining roads together to bridge the front of their property to the spot that now is home to the cabin. ![Our Friend Jacqui Arrives in the Polaris Ranger](
*This Polaris Ranger is your ride to the cabin!*

The road cannot be traversed by cars or even the average SUV. Upon arrival we loaded our bags onto a Polaris Ranger and took a steep and rocky ride down to the bank of the Locust Fork river. Every piece of lumber, glass, wire, metal, and even every amenity made the same trip on the same Ranger we were in. To be honest, it made all of our excuses for not completing a task seem pretty weak. This was an impressive feat of man (and woman) over nature! ![Interior of Case R](
*The kitchen comes fully stocked!*

###The Cabin
Once at the cabin we quickly realized one thing. We had over packed! The cabin comes equipped with almost every amenity you can think of including fresh eggs from chickens that live on the property! You’ll have fresh linens, toothpaste, contact cases (whew!), and pretty much anything you’d expect from an AirBnB Superhost! We were surprised to find that Rachel and Glenn had gone above and beyond by also proving a stocked pantry of pasta, spices, coffee, flour, tea, and more! ![Shower at Case Rock Cabin](
*The outdoor shower was AWESOME!*

Case Rock Cabin falls somewhere in between “roughing it” and “glamping.” There are no phones, no internet, no tv, and cell service is spotty. There’s actually a Ham radio installed for emergencies. There’s a drinking water dispenser as the faucet water is non-potable and the bathroom is equipped with the nicest “dry composting” toilet I’ve ever seen! The shower is located on the back of the porch and everyone in our group found using an outdoor stall shower so refreshing! ![Case Rock Cabin Bedroom](
*Main Bedroom at Case Rock Cabin*

![Case Rock Cabin Loft](
*The Loft sleeps up to two guests and has a great view!*

The cabin sleeps “up to 6 people.” There’s a full bed in the back room, a full size mattress in the loft, a futon, and a twin air mattress that can be inflated. None of us felt crowded at any point, but we quickly developed a rhythm for moving in and out of the doors and the common area. The deck is where we ended up spending the majority of our time. This is where we enjoyed our morning coffee, grilled dinner, and played board games. ![Game Night at Case Rock Cabin](
*Game Night on the deck!*

###The Experience
The first thing we decided was the “No Phones” rule. Other than using our phones as cameras, we stayed off of them during the trip. ![Hiking to Case Rock](
*The trails are named after "The Lord of the Rings" locations!*

We hiked the trail to Case Rock, the cabin’s namesake. These trails go through thick verdant woods and can be challenging at times. We spent the second half of Saturday floating on the river in a remote spot that we had all to ourselves. At night we fired up the gas grill and cooked hot dogs before we roasted smores over the campfire. It was perfect! ![Floating Locust Fork River](
*Floating on the river was Amber's favorite part.*

After spending 24hrs. In this efficient cabin, the realization of how much “stuff” we own and don’t need hit us like a ton of bricks. Less is truly more. We all relaxed in our own way. At one point I looked around and saw someone meditating, knitting, napping in the hammock, playing with the dog, and bird watching. I smiled and went back to reading my latest book. ![Reading at Case Rock Cabin](
*Russell reading his newest Literarily Wasted Book Club book.*

Time, or your perception of it, slows down at Case Rock Cabin. In a time where we are used to popping in a kcup and having coffee in less than 30 seconds it’s so nice to have a conversation with friends as you boil water for french press coffee. We came up with so many great ideas, laughed at each other’s jokes, and talked about life. ![Amber on the bank of the Locust Fork River at Case Rock](
*Amber being the most relaxed she has been all year.*

Burnout is very real and isn’t taken as seriously as it should be. We become overwhelmed to the point that we don’t even realize how stressed we are or that our bodies are reacting physically to our mental state. Everyone needs to escape every now and again, and Case Rock Cabin was the perfect spot for us. ![Case Rock Guest Book](
*Case Rock Cabin Guest book with Hiaku as requested.*

We were able to let everything go. The only thing that burned out over the weekend was the campfire. When it did we crawled into bed as nature sang her lullaby composed of frogs, cicadas, and the sound of the flowing river. A train whistle sounded off in the distance as I drifted off into the most restful sleep I’ve had in ages. -Russell H.
![Map of Case Rock by Rachel Evans](
*Gorgeous map by Rachel Evans!*

###Book Your Stay You can book your stay at Case Rock Cabin **[HERE](**. They are already booking up for the fall, so don’t delay. We were grateful guests of Rachel and Glenn. Our thoughts and opinions are our own. (I still feel that this doesn’t do our stay justice. There are some things you just have to experience for yourself.)
###Extra Pics to Enjoy!
![Group Pic at Case Rock Cabin](
*An "almost" group shot.*

![Trying to sneak a cookie](
*Rachel baked FRESH cookies for us! I tried to sneak one.*

![Case Rock Shower Sign](
*We can't tell you EVERYTHING! lol.*

![Case Rock](
*Case Rock. The cabin's namesake.*