New Filters Plus Provides a Hassle Free Way to Deal With Air Filters That's a Breath of Fresh Air!

Pollen Attack Windshield
Look familiar?

As we brace for Pollen Season to arrive here in Birmingham most of us probably haven't changed our air filters in over two months. We have such a busy schedule it's hard to keep track of when we last changed our filter. We we realize that we need to change it we head to the store and always seem to have sticker shock and have little clue as to what that odd rating system actually means.

Enter Jason Henderson with New Filters Plus. Jason and his family live in Birmingham and he is the organizer behind The Preserve Jazz Festival! We got to ask Jason about how he's making it easier for people to buy air filters for their home or business.
New Filters Plus Delivery

Happenin’s in the ‘Ham: Tell us a little about your connection to the Birmingham community.

New Filters Plus: Both founders of New Filters Plus (Jason Henderson and John Maenza) grew
up in the Birmingham area, moved away for college and early jobs, but ultimately chose to move back to Alabama to raise their families and are proud to call this area home.

HITH: What was the inspiration for New Filters Plus?

NFP: I made the trip down to our local “big box” store to buy some air filters.
Piece of cake, right? After staring at the different sizes, ratings,
percentages, colored bar codes, pleated ones, carbon filters and washable ones I was exhausted. I bought two standard pleated filters for over $40 and headed home mad and grumpy at the experience and cost. I thought to myself there has to be an easier, more affordable way to buy replacement filters.
I jotted down some notes, did a ton of research, gathered feedback from my wife, HVAC contractors, close friends, marketing guys, and we decided to launch New Filters Plus.
Dirty Filter
Does your filter look like THIS?!

HITH: How is New Filters Plus a game changer in how consumers purchase
filters and what makes it different?

NFP: Everybody is so busy in today's society with work, school, social events,
kids, sports, church, etc. We take the hassle out of remembering to go buy replacement air filters with our annual filter membership. Honestly, when was the last time anybody really remembered to change their air filters?
At NFP, once your first order is made, our system saves all of your information (sizes, efficiency rating, etc.) and automatically sends you another case of filters at your anniversary.
We also ship annual boxes of filters. Reason - we save money on shipping, you save money on filters, your home/business always has clean filters and less waste for our landfills.
Woman Installing Filter from New Filters Plus
Having filters on hand makes life easier

HITH: How receptive has the Birmingham market been to the concept of NFP?

NFP: The Birmingham market has been unbelievably supportive to the Launch of
New Filters Plus. Everyone we've talked to thinks it's a great idea.
There are others out there, so we didn't reinvent the wheel. We did expand it though, as we offer both a residential and contractor program.
We can't find other online companies offering both! We have already received a great deal of both residential and commercial orders locally.

HITH: Can you name some advantages to using the NFP service?

* Our service is so convenient for busy families and folks
* Quickly order your HVAC filters for your home/business online
* Simply visit our website to easily select your filters/sizes
* You save 25-35% over "big box" retailers w/o ever having to leave home
* We offer a 100% money-back guarantee
* Always FREE shipping! ![Clean Air Banner]( *Clean Air is Better Air!*
**HITH**: I saw that NFP is now available on Amazon! What can you tell us about how will improve the buying experience?
**NFP**: Amazon is such a popular and well respected online retailer that we had to offer our products through their site. Anything available through our website is also available through Amazon. Amazon has already exposed our brand to customers around the country who might not have ever found *New Filters Plus*. We have received orders from AZ, TX, VA, IL... It's been agreat experience early on for us.
**HITH**: I know I'm terrible about changing our filter at home. How often should they be changed vs. how often do people normally go between changes?
**NFP**: The heating/cooling “industry standard” is monthly, but you can certainly adjust how often you change yours based on your lifestyle: pets, kids, health issues, you smoke, etc. One unique feature we offer is a monthly "time to change your filters" reminder email to all of our customers. Just a suttle reminder to change those dirty air filters regularly!
**HITH**: Spring is here and that means pollen here in Birmingham. How important is it to change your filter often? Couldn't it almost be described as a means of preventative healthcare?
**NFP**: Central Alabama is a tough place to live for most allergy sufferers. Yes, we would certainly agree that replacing your air filters regularly could certainly be considered a preventative measure to keep clean air in your home. Preventing and trapping dust, lint, pet dander, pollen, etc, out of your house or business has a positive affect on your health.
**HITH**: So, tell us about some cool ways that NFP can be used as a gift?
**NFP**: We have a great affiliate program. The details are all on our website. Realtors, sales people, insurance agents, mortgage loan officers, or whomever can gift the first year’s membership and their clients receive an annual supply of new, quality home air filters. Our products are something needs and can actually use!
**HITH**: Lastly, tell us something you love about being a business owner in Birmingham.
**NFP**: Again, Birmingham is home and we could not imagine having to move somewhere to launch this business. Our business is web-based, so it was so easy to get started right here in Alabama. It's a great time to be a business owner in/around Birmingham with all the growth of new and emerging businesses, restaurants, housing, etc. There is a great vibe about the Birmingham area.
**HITH**: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us, Jason. As a busy couple and as cat owners we definitely look forward to taking advantage of this great program!
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