Know before you go! Maximize your Sloss Fest experience!

We've attended many music festivals including Sloss Fest 2015. We had a blast last year and thought it'd be a great idea to provide 10 "Pro Tips" to help you get the most out of the festival experience. Here's a short, but important list of things we've learned over the years.

###1. Wear sunscreen!
Yes, this seems obvious but it is also very important. A bad burn on Saturday can ruin your Sunday. Remember, one coat in the morning before the festival is not enough. Bring some and lather on when in line for the porta potties. Note: Sloss **[does not allow](** the aerosol sunscreen in a canister. Bring lotions! (And chapstick!)
###2. Stay hydrated!
Bring a large water bottle or a back pack such as a Camelbak. Water bottles that can clip to you are VERY convenient and will keep both hands free! There will be 3 watering stations inside Sloss Fest to fill up. Don't substitute alcohol for water, it is dehydrating. What we mean is, don't JUST drink alcohol. Be safe!

Hammock City - Picture by Good Grit Magazine

3. Carry in a Blanket

Bring a lightweight blanket to rest your legs. Last year there was a “blanket island,” if you will, near the Alabama Outdoors hammocks. It was great! We weren't in the way of the standing crowds for the bands, but remained close enough to see the “Blast Stage.” Note: Sloss prohibits chairs more than 1inch off the ground.

4. Bring a portable recharger

There will be charging stations at Sloss, but if you're front row waiting on Ray LaMontange, it's nice to have a recharger on hand so that you don't miss out on the perfect pic. Pro tip 1: Put your phone on airplane mode when not messaging to save on battery life. You can still take pics. Pro tip 2: Write down your crew's cell phone numbers before the festival. If your phone dies and you need to contact them, do you actually have their phone numbers memorized?

5. Time stamp your messages

There will be free wi-fi onsite but with thousands of people trying to connect, this tip is a lifesaver. Example message: “Hey, we're about to meet up at the Beer Garden. Meet us there? (2:56pm)” This will cut down on confusion if your message get delayed, or if the person you are contacting has their phone off or in airplane mode.

Amber at Bonnaroo

6. Wear sunglasses and a bandana, hat, or headband

Bandanas have so many uses. They can block your head from the sun, they can protect your eyes and mouth from dirt, they can keep your hair back, they can be used to sop up sweat, or they can be used as a colorful accessory. They are tiny and we are sure you'll find a reason to use it! Oh, and for obvious reasons – sunglasses.

Sloss Fest with Cooling wraps

7. Wear a cooling wrap

We were so grateful for these wraps. We bought them from someone at Woodlawn Street Market last year and they helped us stay sane at Sloss Fest. You set them in cold water and they stay cold for hours.

8. Bring rain ponchos

For the 30 min random summer storms, you might consider bringing in some disposable ponchos. They sell them at the Dollar Tree and work perfectly. We do expect rain on Saturday and Sunday of the festival. Note: Sloss Fest prohibits umbrellas.

Bike to Sloss - Valet with Redemptive or Zyp

9. Bike to Sloss

This saved us a ton of TIME and MONEY last year! The beautiful people at Redemptive Cycles valeted our bikes for free! I'm so excited that they are providing that service again!

New this year, Zyp Bikeshare will have a virtual bike station within walking distance to the festival. This is how we'll be getting to Sloss! We plan on parking elsewhere, hopping on a Zyp bike, docking it at the festival, and walking in! This is one of the many reasons why we love our Zyp Membership! (Total savings on this tip? $20 per day!)

10. Have a Blast

Whether you plan your music listening schedule to a T or are just winging it, be prepared for a great time. We had such a great experience last year and the good vibes were contagious! Keep an open mind, stay positive, and above all else, have fun!

Hula Hooping and having fun at Sloss Fest
BONUS TIP!: Alabama Outdoors will be onsite with gear available for purchase, so no need to panic if you forget to bring something. The item you need will probably be available at their tent inside the festival! map