Rediscover Birmingham via Food and Landmarks!

Birmingham Restaurant Week is always the best time to break out of your routine and try some new food! With well over 60 participating restaurants, your options are spread out all over town! This provides a great opportunity to explore Birmingham while you are enjoying some phenomenal Restaurant Week food! Here are five ways you can check out Birmingham’s top landmarks during your culinary exploration of our city!

![5pt. Public Oyster House Poutine](
*5 Point Public House Pig Poutine*

###**[5 Point Public House Oyster Bar]( / [Vulcan Park & Museum](**
When it comes to delicious food in 5pts. at a great price, you can’t go wrong with 5 Point Public Oyster House! We constantly have cravings for their melty beer battered cheese curds! This year they are serving up some delicious items for Restaurant Week! These include *Pig Poutine*, *Pork Street Tacos*, *Naan Pork*, and more! Click **[HERE](** to see the entire BRW Menu! ![Vulcan Park and Museum](
*Vulcan's "Best" Side*

Just up the hill from 5pt. Public House is Birmingham’s most recognizable landmark. That’s right, Vulcan! We have discovered that a lot of people haven’t been to **[Vulcan Park & Museum](** in a while. They recently added the Kiwanis Plaza, extended the hiking trail, and have a few new additions to the museum! Your trip to Vulcan wouldn’t be complete without a glass elevator ride to the observation deck! (You can take the stairs if you feel like burning some Restaurant Week calories.) From the top you can share a view of the Birmingham skyline with the original Iron Man!
![Rusty's Bar-b-q](
*Rusty's Bar-B-Q*

Rusty’s Bar-B-Q / Barber Motorsports Park

People in Alabama take their bar-b-q seriously and Rusty’s is no exception! Just up the road in Leeds, you will find large portions of some southern goodness on a plate! For just $15 you can get a Half Slab of Ribs with two delicious sides! We will warn you that the portions are BIG! If you leave Rusty’s hungry it’s your own fault. Click HERE to see the Rusty’s #BRW2018 menu.
Barber Mortor Park Porsche Hot Lap

*A Porsche Hot Lap at Barber Motorsports Park*

If you want to walk off that delicious BBQ we suggest heading across the way to check out **[Barber Motorsports Park](**! The museum houses the largest collection of motorcycles in the world! They also have some amazingly cool cars and you can walk some trails located in the center of the racetrack! The only thing better is zooming around the track at over 135 mph in a Porsche! One disclaimer, we don’t recommend the **[Porsche Driving Experience](** if you have just stuffed yourself with Rusty’s Bar-B-Q.

Habitat Feed & Social Fish

*Habitat Feed & Social BRW2017*

Habitat Feed & Social / Birmingham Zoo

Last year we were blown away by the food and atmosphere at Habitat Feed & Social! The rooftop patio looks like it is straight out of Alice in Wonderland! Habitat has both $15 lunch and $40 dinner options for Restaurant Week this year. One lunch option is Pan Roasted Trout that comes with a PEACH & BLUE BERRY CRUMBLE for dessert! The dinner menu has THREE courses! We guarantee you are in for a treat! Click HERE to see the full #BRW2018 menu!
Giraffes at Birmingham Zoo

*Birmingham Zoo Giraffes*

While you are in the neighborhood, stop by the Birmingham Zoo and check out all the new things they are doing! The still have the popular Trails of Africa exhibit and are completing new renovations all of the time! Be sure to ask about an annual membership so that you can head to the Zoo whenever you like!

![John's City Diner Meatloaf](
*John's City Diner Meatloaf Photo:*

John’s City Diner / Civil Rights Institute

John’s City Diner is one of the most frequently recommended restaurants in Birmingham and for good reason! We’ve never eaten anything at John’s that we didn’t love! This year for Restaurant Week they have a $10 lunch and a $20 dinner option, both of which include their Famous Meatloaf! If you haven’t tried John’s yet, or if it has been a while, Restaurant Week is a great time to head over! Click HERE for the #BRW2018 menu!

Civil Rights Institute

*Civil Rights Institute Photo:*

While you are downtown, don’t miss your chance to check out The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. This attraction is more moving and powerful than words can describe. The Institute is located in what was the Cradle of the Civil Rights Movement. You will walk through our state’s dark past and learn how Birmingham emerged a stronger city. It is also a reminder that Civil Rights for multiple minority groups is still an ongoing battle. The Institute allows us to learn from our past in order to shape a brighter future!

![Oven Bird Beef Fat Candle](
*Beef Fat Candle Photo:*

Oven Bird / Sloss Furnaces

Located in Pepper Place, Oven Bird is both a fun and unique Birmingham restaurant! The $30 dinner menu for Restaurant Week will get you an appetizer, entree, dessert, and a drink! We highly recommend the Beef Fat Candle! As it melts it adds more flavor to the dish! Oven Bird’s food is cooked with high heat and is ideal for sharing food with your friends! Take a few friends, order different BRW menu items and sample them all! Check out the full menu HERE!

![Sloss Furnaces](
*Sloss Furnaces*

Speaking of high heat, Oven Bird is walking distance from Sloss Furnaces! Before you eat your meal, check out this historic steel mill that sparked the magic in The Magic City! They say that the grounds are haunted and the team from Ghost Hunters has even filmed here! The new visitors center and gift shop is a great place to pick up a Birmingham momento. Happy exploring!

Birmingham Restaurant Week 2018

*Birmingham Restaurant Week*

For more info on Restaurant Week, visit the REV Birmingham Birmingham Restaurant Week page! To find some more details on the locations we’ve mentioned check out the Birmingham CVB Website HERE.

-Russell H.