Bagged Groceries

Feeding those in need.

Whenever Trip Cobb of Tito’s Vodka reaches out I always know it is going to be for something great! This time was no exception.  He and Lindsey Noto started the Great Grocery Giveback program to help provide a full week’s worth of groceries for those laid off or furloughed due to Covid19.  It didn’t take long for local businesses, residents, and bloggers to join the cause!

It takes a village.

Trip and Lindsey got Tito's, YP Birmingham, Sysco, and Stella Artois to team up with them as Founding Sponsors to facilitate this fantastic undertaking. The Great Grocery Giveback launched this past Monday and by Tuesday they had already “Sold Out” of bags for the week! That means that a LOT of local Birmingham workers will have their pantry stocked for the week.

Each week there’s a different sponsor for the groceries. You can check out the various sponsorship levels HERE.  The sign up sheets for each week go up on the site each Sunday night. This allows those in need to pick a time for grocery delivery.

Delivering Groceries

Volunteers Needed!

There’s also a place to sign up to volunteer your time to the cause! Volunteering includes packing the bags of groceries and the designated locations and distributing them. Each volunteer will be trained and educated on how to follow proper and thorough sanitation procedures to ensure the health and safety of both the people helping and of those being helped!

We are still amazed at how fast this initiative took off, but are in no way surprised at the amount of support it received. That’s what we’ve come to expect from the Birmingham community. Whenever there is a good idea, or an opportunity to help out friends and neighbors, our community immediately jumps into actions and asks “How can we help?!”

"How can I help?"

The easiest way for you to help out with the Great Grocery Giveback is to simply share this post and other posts about this incredible program! Awareness is key. This small gesture will help feed the dedicated workers who are the lifeblood of Birmingham, but aren’t currently able to get a paycheck.  If you want to volunteer or provide financial support via a sponsorship you can find that information HERE.  

Again, we want to say a HUGE thank you to those involved in creating, maintaining, and growing this initiative.  It’s providing nourishment to both mouths and hearts!

-Russell & Amber