Birmingham to Host the 43rd Annual Neighborhoods USA Conference

![NUSA Conference 2018 Birmingham]( *Photo:*
The city of Birmingham will be hosting city and county leaders from all over the United States as part of the 43rd Neighborhoods USA Conference, or “**[NUSA](**.” NUSA is a non-profit organization that endeavors to help municipalities across the country create and maintain a vibrant community. You can find out more about the conference itself **[HERE](**.
The conference is set to take place from May 23-26 at the [Sheraton Hotel]( This will provide a fantastic opportunity for Birmingham to showcase all of the momentum that has been building up in the community along with the beautiful revitalization projects popping up all over town.

I’ve heard it said that Birmingham is set to change the world for a third time. First it did it through steel, then medicine, and now via the start-up/tech scene. With so many community leaders gathered together it allows for the sharing of ideas that would otherwise have remained siloed in cities hundreds of miles away.
![Hands on Birmingham]( *Photo:*
You can help! In preparation for the conference, **[Hands on Birmingham](** is hosting a clean up day on Saturday, May 19th! They are looking for volunteers to help Birmingham put it’s best foot forward when the attendees arrive! You can get more information, or sign up to help, **[HERE](** We’ve always had wonderful experiences volunteering with Hands on Birmingham!
If you can’t volunteer there is one other way to help out. Share your favorite places to eat, drink, shop, or just to visit on **[Facebook](** and **[Twitter](** and tag **[@NUSAConference](**. This will let the attendees know the best Birmingham places to check out! Oh, and if you happen to see someone wearing an NUSA lanyard be sure to tell them that, “It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham!” ![Happenin's in the Ham It's Nice to Have you in Birmingham]( **

-Russell & Amber H.