Get a Taste of Miami’s Food Scene in Downtown Birmingham!

A few months ago, I had the privilege of being the first customer at **[Miami Fusion Cafe](** The food was delicious then and has only gotten better since! Lunch during **[Birmingham Restaurant Week](** is always fun and I was excited to see what “MFC” had to offer.
![Miami Fusion Cafe exterior shot Birmingham AL]( The exterior and interior of the cafe is decked out with the Art Deco style that Miami is known for. As soon as you enter you feel transported from Birmingham to Miami Beach. The food solidifies this feeling.
![Miami Fusion Cafe Menu for Birmingham Restaurant Week 2017]( The Miami Fusion Cafe lunch menu for #BRW2017 is set at the $15 price point and includes a salad, one of two featured entrees, and dessert! It’s a lot of great food for just $15.
![Roasted Pork Plate at Miami Fusion Cafe in Birmingham AL]( The *Fresh Garden Salad* was topped with a fresh, seasoned, tomato that comes from their rooftop garden! They use a House Vinaigrette dressing that is full of flavor! For the entree, I chose to go with the *Roasted Pork Plate.* The pork tastes like it has been slow roasted and is so tender and juicy that you won’t even need a knife to cut it! It has a well balanced garlic flavor and had just enough fat to lock that flavor in.
The pork is served with Black Beans & Rice. I heard one customer say that the beans were as good as his grandmother’s! (I didn’t ask his name, because no one wants to upset their grandmother.) The rice is served outside of the bowl, but I wasted no time in blending them together. This side could have been a meal on its own.
![Sweet Plantains at Miami Fusion Cafe in Birmingham AL]( The other side that you get is a plate of *Sweet Plantains.* They are BIG and came on a separate plate! The warmth and sweetness makes this side seem like a dessert. You probably won’t be able to eat all of them, so be sure to take the leftover home.
![Jesus Cake at Miami Fusion Cafe in Birmingham Al]( Sweet sweet *Jesus Cake*! This dessert is probably called *Jesus Cake* because you may need to ask forgiveness for eating something that is so sinfully good! At first glance, this dish looks like a creampie in a metal dish, but it’s so much more. Below the chilled whipped cream you’ll find a large portion of a Tres Leches style cake! I know some people hate the “M” word used in food reviews, so I’ll say that it’s the opposite of dry. Each bite is like heaven on a spoon! After trying, unsuccessfully, to conquer my entire meal; there was no way I was finishing all of dessert. I sealed it back up and brought it home. (It’s calling my name as I’m typing this.) This dessert is top notch!
![Cuban Coffee and Jesus Cake at Miami Fusion Cafe in Birmingham Al]( As I was saying goodbye I noticed some coffee was being made. I’m a self-proclaimed coffee snob, so I was ecstatic when I found out that they were brewing *Cuban Coffee*! For those who don’t know, Cuban Coffee very popular in Miami and there are even coffee trucks that serve it. There’s no venti option here. This super concentrated caffeine bomb comes in 4oz-6oz serving sizes. It has a bold flavor and smooth finish. Miami Fusion is the only place in Birmingham, and is actually the first place I’ve found in Alabama, that serves Cuban Coffee.
![Neon Lights Poster at Miami Fusion Cafe]( I had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed speaking with the energetic staff. (They probably were doing coffee shots.) I highly recommend heading to Miami Fusion Cafe during Birmingham Restaurant Week! You can also get the #BRW2017 lunch to-go! I look forward to seeing your photos of the delicious food and bright decor! Enjoy! -Russell H. ![Interior of Miami Fusion Cafe]( ![Menu at Miami Fusion Cafe in Birmingham Al](