Whether You Crave a Fresh Cookie, or Dough-to-Go, Cookie Fix has you Covered!

When it comes to candy I can take it or leave it. Cookies, on the other hand, are my kryptonite. If given the chance, I could probably eat an entire sheets worth! You can imagine my excitement when I heard about Cookie Fix, a local cookie shop in the heart of downtown Homewood. I decided to stop by and speak with the owner, Amy Jason, and give some of her cookie creations a try.
Cookie Fix Chalkboard Menu
After lucking out on some coveted street parking in Homewood, I walked up to the corner of 18th St. South and Reese St. (by Bob’s Bikes), and was greeted by a large chalkboard that displayed the cookies that were being offered that day. It turns out that the MENU varies each day to keep things fresh, literally!
Cookie Fix Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies photo: Cookie Fix Instagram
The second I walked in I was hit with the enticing and comforting aroma of freshly baked cookies. I think my stress level dropped from just the smell of the cookies! The space is by no means large, but there’s room for some Cookie Fix merchandise, a large refrigerator (more on that in a moment), and a glass case-line multiple varieties of cookies that are baked fresh each day.
Amy Jason of Cookie Fix. photo: Homewood Star
I was greeted by Amy Jason’s energetic smile as she invited me to the back for a little background on her business. As we sat down to chat, I was able to watch as one of her employees started mixing a fresh batch of dough. You’d be amazed at how soothing the hum of a giant mixer can be.
Cookie Fix Chocolate Dipped Cookies with HeathBar photo: Cookie Fix Instagram
Amy, a mother of three, said she found herself baking for everything from classroom parties and fundraisers, to ball teams and Bible studies. When I asked her why she choose cookies she told me how she always loved helping her mom bake cookies when she was younger. I guess you could say she got bit by the baking bug and stuck with it. Cookies were also easier to make with the limited schedule of a mother of three. Once perfected, her “Oatmeal Toffee” cookie was in high demand among her friends. They all told her, “You should do this full time!”
Cookie Fix Superfoods Healthy Peanut Butter Bars photo: Cookie Fix Instagram
Fast forward a bit. Amy opened Cookie Fix in late November of 2016 and has been baking nonstop to keep up with demand. When I asked what made her take the final step in opening a store she said, “It was the right time for this big, big, commitment.” By last December, Amy was putting in 105 hours a week! She is very glad that she chose to open in Homewood because, “It’s a community that’s very dedicated to their businesses.” She loves helping out with local fundraisers.
Cookie Fix Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies photo: Cookie Fix Instagram
Using all natural ingredients, she makes variations on classics as well as unique recipes that you won’t find elsewhere. The cookies range from straightforward, like the “First Date” featuring special dark chocolate chips and sea salt, to complex items like Superfoods Healthy Peanut Butter. This bar subs coconut oil for butter and includes chia seeds, oats, chocolate chips, and peanut butter! It’s definitely filling!

In addition to the vast array of cookie creations, Amy Jason also decided to sell the cookie dough on it’s own. It stays stocked in the big refrigerator I mentioned earlier. These containers of the various dough recipes make for great gifts and can allow you to show off if hosting guests. Not only will your cookies be fresh, your house will smell amazing when your guests arrive!
Cookie Fix Dough-to-go photo: Cookie Fix Facebook
As if it couldn’t get any better, Cookie Fix also does catering! That’s right, you can get an entire tray of these amazing cookies for your next event. In addition to trays, Amy and her team can make bags, boxes, or tins of cookies that can be used as gifts! (I, for one, would LOVE to get a bag of these cookies this holiday season. Sorry, Santa, they’re all for me! ) The store also has a shelf stocked with merchandise including mini skillets for baking cookies.
Cookie Fix Gift Bags photo: Cookie Fix Instagram
After my wonderful visit with Amy Jason, she sent me home with a box of assorted cookies! The were all amazing! My two favorites were the “First Date”, her twist on a classic chocolate chip, and the Salted Caramel Toffee Chocolate Chip! I had to fight the urge to binge on the entire box in one night. If you haven’t yet, be sure to stop by Cookie Fix and try it for yourself. I promise that you’ll be making your second trip before you know it!
-Russell H.
Cookie Fix Cookies with Aviate BHM Glass
First Date Chocolate Chip Cookie from Cookie Fix
A Box Full of Cookie Fix Cookies!

Cookie Fix is located at 2854 18TH STREET SOUTH in Homewood. You can call in an order at 205.582.2623 or visit them at cookiefixnow.com .
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