There’s something exciting about places that are off the beaten path. This is especially true when they are mysterious and obscure. You may have heard about The Marble Ring, the new cocktail bar in Avondale, but you’d be hard pressed to find it on your own. Just the process of getting into the bar is cloak and dagger esque like something from a cold war spy novel, but Marble Ring is less Cold War and more roaring 20’s Speakeasy. It allows you to transport yourself back almost 100 years to spend an evening living it up like Jay Gatsby while surrounded by suspendered bartenders and ladies in elegant flapper dresses.

Tardis Entrance

Phone in TARDIAS to enter

We knew exactly which building Marble Ring was in, yet still had to search for the entrance. Finally, we climbed the steps to Hot Diggity Dog and were directed to a phone booth (a TARDIS to be exact) that was filled with a group of girls passing around the phone trying to figure out “the password.” We picked up the phone and were greeted by a mysterious person on the other end. We introduced ourselves as Happenin’s in the ‘Ham and were buzzed in through yet another hidden door due to the gathering crowd.

Bartenders and servers dress in 1920’s attire. Photo Credit: @lana_waites on Instagram

Zane, dressed as if he walked out of a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, greeted us at the door and we were immediately taken aback by what we saw. The attention to detail was impeccable! Servers were dressed as flappers and the bartenders in white shirts and suspenders. The decor was formal yet comfortably inviting. The Marble Ring only seats about 80 guests at a time, hence the exclusivity. The layout for seating is exceptionally thought out.

Private Seating
Fireside Seating

Not only is there seating at the bar, but there are also some “fire side” tables next to hearths made to sit two or three and multiple alcoves for 4 to 5 people that have the perfect amount of privacy. These alcoves still allow you to see and take in the unique ambiance of Marble Ring. If you’d like to enjoy the outside weather there is also porch seating beneath ornate chandeliers in high back chairs. The 1920’s decor even extends to the bathrooms that feature “shattered glass” style mirrors.

Marble Ring drink and pull chain Photo Credit: lana_waites on Instagram

Russell excited about the pull chain service

One feature that we noticed in the seating areas were outlets to charge your mobile devices. Next to each outlet is a wall plate with a pull-chain coming out of it. When you pull the chain a bulb lights up behind the bar. The bulbs are on a board below their corresponding table number and alerts the bar that you need service. This allows you privacy and keeps the servers from having to interrupt your current conversation.

Marble ring glass Cocktails and Menu. Photo Credit: @themarblering on Instagram

The Marble Ring offers a cocktail menu that includes drinks made with whiskey, bourbon, scotch, tequila, as well as some miscellaneous liquors including absinthe. While they don’t serve food, you can order from Hot Diggity Dog or Fancy’s on Fifth and eat inside the bar. They have menus available at each table.

Chandeliers above the outdoor seating. Photo credit: Happenin’s in the ‘Ham

This is the perfect location for a unique date or an upscale night out with your close friends. The atmosphere, while energized, was laid back and set to 1920’s jazz music which plays softly in the background. The staff at Marble Ring is as cordial as they come and are very attentive to the needs of your party. A friend of ours once said, “If I could bring back any decade it would be the roaring twenties. Those people knew how to have a good time.” We couldn’t agree more, and we think The Marble Ring has just granted our friend’s wish.

Marble Ring Matchbook. Photo Credit: @txcleveland on Instagram

The Marble Ring is open from 5pm-Close Tuesday-Saturday and Sunday 5pm-Midnight.